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Hi there Kent Came to see you at the Greystones in my hometown of Sheffield and loved your sound. I've just discovered the blues and took a punt on coming to see you - so glad I did. You and Leadbessie rock. Bought a couple of cd's and chuffed to have met you. Just come back when it's colder! And I hope your car starts when you get home. Have fun

Hi Kent we saw your show at the Queens Arms in Bakewell on 25/11/17. The set was a tribute to all the past masters of the blues and really enjoyable. Got some great photos of you during the set will try and upload them to your facebook page.

Hi, just to say I really enjoyed your set at the Beach & Barnicott last night. I would like to see you play next time though where people aren't talking all round me! I'll keep a look out and hope to see you perform again! Love the "house that the Brits built' by the way.

Recently saw you at Florence Art Centre, Cumbria. Thanks for signing my CDs, and great show

please add me

Saw you recently playing at The Acorn, Penzance, thanks for a great night out, the stories, the songs, the warmth. Travelled 70 miles to see you, well worth it, M & S.

Top class performance & experience! Our first encounter ~ an absolute supurb evening... Drive/tour safely Kent

Hey Kent. I left you an email on your schedule site. Remember the Keys trip in the 1990's with your architect friends in Birmingham, AL? Hope to hear from you. Hal

We were on holiday & came across the gig at Great Torrington Devon,wow what a great interesting charismatic guy, loved the stories as well as the music, it was the highlight of our holiday

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon in the Guild Hall Lichfield. Looking forward to seeing you next time you are here. Sam (the one under 60) ps..next time can you play your tribute to muddy waters its my favourite?

ear Kent. We've missed you a lot up here over the years. Having you and you wife here to have dinner with Debbie and I is one of the highlights of my musical history. I hope all is well with you and would love to hear from you up here in the Kispiox. Ever think of coming back? If so let me know and I will certainly try to work it out for you. Many remember your first visit with fondness

Hi Kent, Thanks for your music and friendship and coming over the pond to the UK so often. Been some excellent shows this year, and to while away the winter months your superb live double album and DVD will have to do, but see you if not before in Charlbury in February. Have a wonderful Christmas and bluesing New Year, Kent.

Had the pleasure of spending last Sunday afternoon drinking ale and listening to Kent at The Queens Head, Icklesham East Sussex. Fantastic to hear the blues as they should be heard, live and ass kicking. As said to you at the end of the gig, thank you for a real treat, hope to see you on your next Brit Tour

Really enjoyed your gig in Stafford last night !

Hi Kent! I hope that things are going well for you. I am always amazed at your travels. You are one strong blues man! All 4 kids out on their own and scattered around the country. First grandchild due in March. Still trying to figure out the guitar! Hopefully I'll see you perform in the Twin Cities in the near future. Bill

used to listen to Kent in Auburn,Al at Champs. Loved your playing and singing. I began my journey into slide after I heard you. Many thanks and best wishes on your tour in the U.K.

Kent, this is Joey Miller from Auburn. I used to go see you in Auburn in 96 and 97 with my football teammates Jim Roe and Andy Roe and Shay Allen. I'm in LA now. Would love to see you out here sometime

hey Kent, just a quick message to say how fantastic it was to see you play at the Broadstairs Blues Bash in KENT a couple of weeks ago - I hope the significance wasn't lost on you! As you know, there were a lot of gigs going on in the town that weekend but we left a great blues jam in the pavilion to make it over to what we knew would be a packed ale bar to hear a few choons and hopefully you would play St James Infirmary, which we had played in the car on the way down and stood out as a really poignant number. Sure enough we were lucky to hear you play that song and a great story to go with it, and it literally did bring tears to the eyes. You're the real deal man! I notice you play a lot of gigs up and down the country and we hope to be able to catch a full performance soon.

Hi Kent, Dear Kent, Carolynn and I saw your performance last night in Bath at the Chapel Arts Centre, you were nothing short of incredible. Your delivery, rhythm, timing, creativity, playing and singing, were sublime, "even with a broken little finger!" If you remember Carolynn and I were out to celebrate her birthday and we wanted to get your blues into our young sons and asked you which CD's or yours we should buy. I have just returned from a 100 mile trip with my son Alex who's 10. We listened to Broke and Lonely right through and his little hand was tapping away on the door sill right through, his face was so at peace as he let your blues into his bones. Thank you for an evening we will never forget, long live Kent, Leadbessie and the Blues. Jason, Carolynn, Will (15) and Alex your newest fan (10) Bath, UK. PS. You ever need a place to crash, to keep your travel bills down, you give us a call anytime 0780 3168989 mobile/cell I've had this number 20 years, providing I'm not dead you'll get a reply!

Hello Kent We are so excited to see that you will be performing at one of our favourite pubs in the heart of Lincoln, the Dog & Bone. can't wait - and bringing a lot of friends and family. Hope you and Sarah and the family had a great Christmas and a happy New Year to you all.Paul & Maggie

Mr. Duchaine, It is a privelidge to say hello. My buddies and I used to listen to you whenever you came to Columbus ga. I was stationed at ft benning from 1994 - 1998 and had the great pleasure to listen to your live performances while there. I also have more than a few of your and ledbessie's CDs which I enjoy to this day. Many great memories in those days...Thank you for your great blues music it has meant a lot through the years. Continue your great work, God bless, Johm

my husband and I saw you perform live on quite a few occasions in the UK at the Trowbridge Village Pump Festivals, and at Blues clubs in South Wales. He died a week ago, we'd been split up a year, but had both moved to the Greek island of Corfu. I'll be True to You was played over the video montage of photos I created to play at his wake https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=412518635567589&set=vb.100004283670009&type=2&theater

my husband and I saw you perform live on quite a few occasions in the UK at the Trowbridge Village Pump Festivals, and at Blues clubs in South Wales. He died a week ago, we'd been split up a year, but had both moved to the Greek island of Corfu. I'll be True to You was played over the video montage of photos I created to play at his wake https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=412518635567589&set=vb.100004283670009&type=2&theater

Kent, thanks for a fabulous gig at the White Horse in Silverstone last week. A truly inspiring experience. Many thanks and keep up the good work. As Phil said, probably the best Wednesday night ever.

Hi Kent, what a great gig last night at the square and compass..stood in the pub and cried when you played ill be true to you, im 51 and just broke up with my girl....been blue for so long it feels like black.. thanks for taking the time.. keep on keepin on..... all love. x

Love your music Looking forward to seeing and hearing you at the Prince of Wales - Ledbury I see you are doing the Blues Kitchen in Campden a few days before - Lucky sod I love that place. Take care Dave May

Great to see you again on Sunday night at The Cross Inn, Paxton. Took my brother along, hadn`t seen you before became an instant fan. Great insight into the old bluesmen you have met along the way. Hope you make it back this way in the not too distant future. Blues Forever.

Following hot on the heels of Peter Donegan (Lonnie's son) Kent gave an excellent gig at the Cross Inn, Paxton tonight, the girls there are looking to do more of the same in the future, which will be great as we're sadly lacking small live venues in the Borders. Kent really has an understanding of (read feeling for) the Blues like no other today, and as for 'LeadBessie' WOw, what a Gal! We're in Shropshire on the 28th, may just stay longer to see you again in the Wheatsheaf. Till next time stay happy & safe. Doug & Kate

Hi Kent, Nice to meet you last night. The CD is now in the car! I have sent you a request on Facebook to be your friend, so if you have the time and your feeling friendly... Also I wanted to ask you about touring.... how do you organise something like that? do you have a manager that sorts all of it out for you? or do you do it yourself? what would be your advice to someone trying to set up a tour? have you ever done europe? and what reception do you think english guys would get in america? it is still possible to get by on what you make out there? Bob

Great night in Newbury, UK. Can't beat those rhythms and Kent and Besie do a fabulous job of them. Thanks! :)

Wayzata was my home town, went to school with Ducchaine Brothers, also sister Elaine around 1940; also Carmen Johnson who married a Duchaine. Any possible relationship. Come play the Big Island in Hawaii, we need You!!

Been listening to the tracks on the web player as I found out you are playing Stow Blues. Looking forward to the live show very much.

Hey ho Kent. Seen you a couple of times in Calendar. We have a healthy music scene here on the Isle of Bute (close to Irvine) and would have loved to have given you a gig here but we have the Corn Potato String Band booked for the 8th June so it's a bit tight. Check out www.transclydemusic.co.uk and get in touch for a future booking. Awra best Richard

Just heard that Kent is coming to the Cross Inn Paxton near Berwick Upon Tweed. Best news i`ve heard in ages, From having regular gigs in this area for years we hav`nt seen Kent for too long .Unfortunately The Barrels Ale House where Kenny was a regular has changed ownership and only seem to employ D Js so another live music gig has been lost to rubbish. Blues For Ever.

Wish Kent would come perform in Texas soon. I became a fan of Kent back in the 80's. I got to see Kent perform with Mr Johnny Shines in 89' and 90' at several locations in Alabama. Johnny was but a shadow of what he was then due to poor health. However, what impressed me the most was Kent's respect for Johnny and how he took care of him while they performed. Kent is a great musician but those days showed he was also a great human being.

Had the great pleasure of seeing Kent Duchaine playing at the Wheatsheaf pub in Shrewsbury UK on Sunday 26 January 2014 (my birthday as it happened!) Had a wonderful evening's entertainment. What a great performer! My husband bought me a couple of Kent's CD's, listening to one of them right now. Excellent. You have two new fans!!

Hi Kent, Saw you at Glasgow on weds - superb! You blew the headlining band away. So much so that my pal and I shock your hand and left. We played your CD driving home and then watched your DVD - both really good. It's a shame that you're not playing more gigs in Scotland on this tour. A couple of technical questions: What strings do you use on Bessie? Also what do you tune Bessie to when you play St. James Infirmary? Many thanks for a great evening and hope to see you when you hit the Scottish roads again! Ian

Saw Kent for the first time last night at the Celtic Connections gig - he was fantastic! Look forward to listening to the CD we bought and coming to another gig in the future.

Hello, you old rounder, hope all is well. Hope U & Bessie are doin well. Our encounters thru the 1980s & 90s at sacred ground at Deer Lake will always be my first memories of my personal introduction to " THE BLUES." A conversation we had on a sailboat, while being buzzed by cute impressionable girls on Jet Skis! U were telling me about a guy named Robert Johnson, and another man, Jhonny Shines, then we got drunk at "The Boogie" Since that time I've had the fever! I've met at concerts since my retirement, many real Delta Bluesmen in Clarksdale Ms & Hellena Ak, Pinetop Perkins, David "Honeyboy" Edwards, T-Model Ford, Allways when I hear the real blues, my memory will be a moonlit nite over Deer Lake, 1200 miles north of the Delta, the other end of the river. Hope all is well, tell Bessie I love her! Steve from. I-Falls. OOGABOOGA! We miss our brother Marshall very much!! ( feCia)

Hi Kent Just bought my son a bottleneck for his guitar and I had to show him some of your You Tube performances. Great stuff and Sarah obviously does an admirable job with sound and cinematography. The very best to you!!!!! Forrest FYI chk out our photography gallery www.redfiltergallery.com

Met this evening at The Oval- from Summit County, Colorado. Email me at info@lenrhodesmusic.com Thank, Kent. Enjoy the tour.

Greetings from Chester Kent I saw you in Feb2013 at Alexanders in Chester I love the way you put a human face to the Blues totally enjoyed your music on the night (and returning your dropped fingerpicks haha) Hope to see you again soon Blues Forever Regards John

I saw Kent for the first time in Shrewsbury at a Pub. And I loved it, absolutly fantastic. I was there as an turist, from Norway. I hope to see you again, it was so great!!!!

Good gig at The Spread Eagle 16th July 2013 ,saw you last year too. Will be good to see you next time you pass by again dude

Enjoyed your show at Spitalfields, London 19th July. I shot some photos - send me your email address and I'll send some over to you - thanks !

I saw you play in Edinburgh in May and you kindly gave me a copy of 'Too Many Snakes In The Road', to review in 'Blues & Rhythm' magazine. The review is published in the August edition (No 281). If you have an e-mail address I can send you a copy.

Saw the show last night at the Miners Arms. FANTASTIC. The real thing.

I caught you at the Chichester Inn (UK) on 20th June. Thought you were great and loved your stories between songs. Listening to you made me think that blues is best appreciated live so keep on bluesing!

After a lifetime lovin the blues, and being a sort of outcast musically, though I loved the Beatles etc, Eagles. I thought the likes of BB, et all were the last link. I saw Honey boy Edwards some time back. My friends and I were at the Spread Eagle Ipswich, Tuesday night and were blown away. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and love for the music with us. regards Tony

Kent, 20 years ago or so I met you in a little club in auburn. we talked fishing.I am now a leading guide in north Arkansas. WE GOT TROUT. I would like to offer you an all expense paid trip to come here . I have river houses available and will take you on a great river trip. no strings I just thought it would be really cool since I have followed you and your music for so long. hope to hear from you paul

Hello Kent, Sarah too. Just caught this article in the UK newspaper The Guardian. I imagine you may already have seen this info, but just in case, I am sure you would be interested. Here's the link: http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2013/feb/03/robert-johnson-photograph-identified/ Looking forward to catching you on one of your March dates. Rob

I heard Kent on Saturday evening at the Portman, East Chinnock, Somerset. I am a reviewer for a large regional daily newspaper here covering 40,000 readers. I have arranged to review Kent's brilliant performance, especially as he is playing several times in this area soon. I need a good picture of him, either mugshot or preferably in concert as soon as possible with permission for the paper to print it. Can you email me one before Thursday? The paper is the Western Daily Press. Thanks

Kenny It took some time because I missed the November deadline for 'Blues & Rhythm' magazine but my review of your Edinburgh gig on 1 november 2012 appears in this month's edition of the magazine No 276

Looking forward to seeing you again at the Golden Eagle, Southsea next Friday!!! We'll warm up the Guinness ready for you!

Stumbled across you playing at Belushi's in Edinburgh randomly earlier this month. What was a good night swiftly turned into an amazing one. Although I have to admit some jealousy at your talent.......

I really enjoyed our chat before you played at Belushi's in Edinburgh on Thursday 1 November. I have written up a review for Blues & Rhythm and it has been accepted. Hope that the rest of your tour goes well. Best wishes

On a recent camping trip I heard Kent for the 1st time and insisted my friend burn me a copy of "Just Me & My Guitar". My friend bought the CD from Kent in 1991 after hearing him perform in a nightclub in Birmingham, Alabama. Awesome man! Just awesome.

.My wife and I had a great night out at the Tolbooth on 2nd Nov. Glad to see you are still enjoying the blues - we are to. Blues Power Man!

Great gig last night in Oxford - thanks very much. Will definitely be there next time you pass this way.

Wow, Kent! Great to see you at the Crawley (UK) Blues Festival this afternoon! Awesome gig!

Hi Kent great to hear your recording again how about remastering the Viking gig (New years eve) from many moons ago See you soon at Lincoln UK lvs Denise and Andrew

Hey Kent, See your still gettin' around, any thoughts of gettin' minnesota way? I was a friend of your brother Daves. We yousta go see ya at 400 club, among other places. Skin&Bones; days. You actualy came to my fathers co. where he had a small 4track recording studio, layed down some songs. I think I still got that master somewhere? Anyway, hope to see ya in mn. again sometime. PEACE.

Hi Kent, missed your recent show at the Ranelagh in brighton due to illness, but hope you will return soon, you're everything a bluesman should be, I wish I had as much talent in my entire body as you've got in your little finger { pinky }! If I had, I would consider myself very lucky indeed! Your playing is fantastic, best regards to you and your family! barry phillips.

Hi Kent Last time you played Oswestry (UK) you mentioned your love for fly fishing. I see that you are playing in Oswestry again this October but unfortunately the season will have finished. If you are near the area before the end of September and have any spare time you are welcome to fish the River Ceiriog (a nice little trout stream on the Welsh border) as my guest.. All the Best on your fothcoming UK tour Brian

I saw you again in Columbus (Ga.) last Saturday, and you were great, as usual. It'd been years since I'd seen you play. I've had one of your CD's playing a lot lately, and I just can't get enough of it. Some of my favorites are "Trouble in Mind," "I'll Be True to You," and "Irresistible." Don't ever stop playing!

when you comin back to bbs. barb an i live in holt now .got ya a bed to stay on way to minn. hope to see ya soooon. chris

Kent, Saw you in Bristol on Tuesday night -another fantastic show, my wife (her first time show) really enjoyed the songs and atmosphere you imparted. Your shows are always entertaining and I hope you will back again soon. Blues power!!! Bela

kent, younger brother of Mike Calder here. Just listening to your stuff on a Friday night in my backyard. Always great and always brings back great memories of your gigs on King Street. I hope one day you make it to south Florida!!

Saw you tonight in Wick... My boy bought 2 of your CD's which you signed are playing as I type this message. We really enjoyed your show... so thank-you Blues Power to you too... x

Great night of blues at the packed brook street music club in Knutsford on Saturday. Hope it becomes a regular gig on your uk visits in the future, although it may not be large enough next time!

Hi Kent, another great show at Holy Molys , Bedford last night, some songs I have never heard you do before as well, keep the blues alive! Oh, and give my regards to Patterson when you see him and the guys in July!

Kent, Great show at the JamHouse in Birmingham last night! I mentioned to you a version of Rock Island Line by Kelly Pace on an Alan Lomax CD.Look up 'Rock island Line' on Wikipedia - fascinating! Blues Forever!

Crossroads sounds great on a steel bodied National. -------- David Smith http://www.homecomingmagazine.com/category/kids-corner/

Hi Kent.... I am starting to panic; so far there is no Spitalfields outdoor lunchtime gig on the Spring schedule ... It's become a bit of a ritual for us... snacks ,cold beer and the finest of blues...Yours in anticipation Steve, Fatboy, Micky and KK

Hi Kent Great to see and talk to you again in The King William, Glastonbury, England. seems a long time since first seeing you in our home town St Ives, Cornwall. all those years ago. Great gig, you still got it man, hope to catch you next time your in England and will work on getting you back to St Ives. Mick & Babs March 2012

Enjoyed the evening at Skirwith Village Hall. Great atmosphere, really enjoyed the songs and the unique delivery style. Hoping to catch your gig at the Scotia Bar in a couple of months time.

New fan from Skirwith village hall 29th feb,Fantastic Ken cant wait to see you again. A new devotee.

Hey, what a blast at Skirith last night. Excellent. You also managed to impress a 16 year iold who came to keep me company and left as a blues fan. Job done! Thank you.

Thanks for the free mp3! You're right that's definitely one of the best blues song ever written! Rock on KD! ...hope to see you in Bama soon...

Sitting listenIng to you and old Bessie at the Platform. Awesome gig - thank you! :-)

Hi Kent last time we saw you was at the Jam House in Birmingham (Oct 2011) and you were just brilliant. We are now looking forward to seeing you again this Sunday 19 Feb at Lichfield Guildhall. Keep singing and playing the Blues x

Hey Kent,, thanx for yet another great night at the Queens in Bakewell, wonderful as ever!! Thanks too to the good landlord at the Queens for keeping live music, (and the blues!) alive and kicking

We had Kent playing a "Blues At The Bay" night, last Wednesday. Again, he gave a great show- everyone here loved it. We can't wait to see him again. Thanks again for a memorable evening. www.bluesatthebay.co.uk

Looking forward to seeing you Wed 8th Feb. back at The Cleveland Bay

Hi! You have to come to Norway! (And let us know) Me and my mom loves your music :) Best regards.

I have Just been to see your performance at The Last Inn. I know I said it to you on the night but I'm going to say it again. Thanks again for an amazing performance. It was truly inspirational listening to you sing and play the blues like that. Hopefully one day I'll be half as good as you. Kent Duchaine is a definite must see in the world of Blues! Keep on touring...Hope to see you again in the future.

just checked your site longingly for some live blues, and to my great surprise and excitement I see loads of new tour dates for the coming weeks - AWESOME!! Kents gig last yr was one of the best! also, just checked out the photos pages - the location of your home looks like paradise! thanks for shows to look forward to! :)

hey Kent, I was lucky enough to see this little add in the paper Kent DuChane appearing at the common well in Lansboro, MN. sponcerd by the Lansboro art councle. can't wait till you come to Lansboro again i'll be bringing all my blues friends

It so nice to listen your Site -collected music .. many new songs ... fine thanx

Hey you ,hope you all fine... Hey Kent when you start a new gigs ? I remember the old 2004 days with Solingen Blues Week and Mettmann and especiall in wonderful Egen... I would listen to you both again stompin' the

Forgot to mention Ann Tilney came to Dumfrioes to sing and play. She';s in Nashville. Add her to your concerts with a recommendatiuon from me! Miller

Always a pleaseure to hear you and Corrina Steel playing as I write another book. Just finished it. Miss Martha Douglas is a tale about a nurse who was imprisoned as a suffragette and then worked in the trenches of the First World War. Just like the ups and downs of an author, no wonder Lift him up and Never knoock him down is my anthem. Look forward to your next visit to Scotland. Best wishes Miller at www.netherholmpublications.co.uk

Hi Kent, So enjoyed your set at Bedford last month in the UK, perhaps you remember me, we spoke in the interval about the Drive By Truckers and you said you knew Patterson and David Hood quite well, well Kent myself and my friend are flying over to Athens, Georgia in January 2012 to see the Truckers at the legendary 40watt club for their 'homecoming; tour. It would be great to think you may be around Athens on the 12th to 16th January, Im sure some beers will come your way!! All the best

Highlight of 2011 being at at a tucked away festival in Cwmtwrch (Wales U.K.) seeing acts I've never heard of. Up steps Kent Duchaine .. hits the ground running...bowls me over...and knocks me out with the greatest rendition of St James Infirmary I've ever heard. Guess who I'm going to see in 2012 !

Saw you at The Jamhouse great evening,You are a gentleman of the highest order,time to talk to people and tell them your life story , fantastic guitarist and great voice,E-mail sent to J Holland you gotta get on the show and preach the BLUES,once again Thanks for a great evening.


Awesome, Spellbinding Performance..Thank You

Hi Kent - fantastic evening at The Tavern, Guernsey last week. Not been able to see you for at least 12 years but, wow, you're still amazing! Thank you so much.

Saw you at the Fermain Tav last night AWESOME Hope you come back soon Cheers Mick

WoW - you have still got it Kent! Saw you in Guernsey last night ( having last seen you in the UK about 12 years ago!) and you absolutely blew us away again. Thank you so much x

Wow! Saw Kent for the first time Saturday night in Denry's bar in Stoke on Trent, UK. Not only a great player, singer, writer and entertainer, but surely also must have a Masters in Bluesology! A real treat. Please don't stop touring the UK, will definately see more of your gigs and bring some friends too.

Thank you for another excellent night in Irvine. You kindly signed all my CD's & DVD, and one from your Bessie to my Bessie made my night. Like your Bessie , my Bessie (my car) is an old battered and tired lady who is still holding in for dear life, and proves her worth every day. She is a 12 year old Nissan Almera red with a hint of rust and laughed at by all my freinds and family, but you know what, I wouldnt part with her for the world, least not till I have to.The best part of my car is my super stereo system,(worth ten times the value of the car) built in hands free with bluetooth and the most amazing sound when I blast out my favourite tunes to cover up all Bessies moans and groans.

Best ever version of St. James Infirmary! You are one with the music and the guitar--always.

when are you coming back to marty's in birmingham alabama? hope all is well ........

Thanks for a lovely society.

i doubt you would rember me but imeet you in1990 in alabama im from new orleans, sawyou at the fillin station every time you played and also on w c handy s front porch with johnny shine,still think you should play at jazz fest.

Hi Kent - a voice from the past.

I have just joined the 21st century and downloaded all my CD's onto my IPod. I had a family barbeque yesterday and when it shuffled to you everyone wanted to know who you were! I just said it's Kenty boy:-) They were most impressed that all my CD's were signed , they are so used to untouchable performers, not a guy who loves what he does and has time for everyone. Still love your music and Leadbessie. I am a sucker for slide steel guitar. Will keep an eye out for when you are in the South of England Tess

Hi noticed you are returning to Callander in Scotland this October 2011 for jazz and blues festival great news looking forward hearing you again .

I met you in 2004 in Solingen,in Mettmann and at last in Egen (in a small house in the valley out in the woods ) and that was fantastic !!! I would see you again when U come here to Germany.

Greetings from Montgomery! Wait til you get a load of the poster frame I'm making the poster we bought from you when you were performing indoors because of supossed bad weather. I will send you an image when completed. Let me and Tam know when you're in town for a blues concerta.

Hi Kent, we really enjoyed the lovely evening with you at the Acoustic Festival in Uttoxeter. It was so nice to see you the first time for me and to see you again for my husband and his friend Sandy. We all hope to see you next winter at Cafe Nova in Essen, Germany. If you like to visit Germany again and play at Cafe Nova, no problem, just contact us ;o)) Many many thanks and lovely regards to you and your family Melanie

please let me know when you are gigging in cambridgeshire again.peterborough or bedford please luv 2 you all lorraine.

Hi Kent, Any chance that some talented local lads from Oakham, Rutland called 'Watson & Wigmore' could support you when you perform at The Grainstore Beer Festival in their hometown on Monday 29th August. I run a v small local business 'Artistic Industries Ltd' (I'm on facebook) supporting young artists (whatever medium!). They are now getting quite a following locally and the core of their sound is the blues :) If you search youtube under 'Artistic Industries' you'll catch their live performances to date. Can't wait to hear and hopefully meet you here in Rutland.........Angie

Hi Kent,great to meet you at last at the Man of Kent in Rochester.Big thanks for taking time to have a chat and signing my copy of "take a little ride".You played 2 fabulous 60 minute sets and i went home with a big grin on my face.Hope to catch you next time round somewhere in Kent,cheers,Kelvin leader.ps........you ARE the goose!

Hi Kent :) Thanks for a really great night last weekend in Shrewsbury - it was really refreshing to hear some fantastic live music, and even better that it was the blues! A rareity here in the UK now! Your music was definately worth the 130 mile round trip! We look forward to your return to this neck of the woods! Luce :)

Hi Kent, I was lucky enough to see you at The George Hotel in South Molton(England) last week and what a fantastic evening it was. A great night was had by all. You really are a living legend. Hope to see you down here again soon.

im looking for ward to seeing you again in the future .keep up the good work .and cheers .best wishs chaz

Dear Kent I thoroughly enjoyed your performance at The Beach and Barnicott, Bridport, Dorset, England! Take A Little Ride With Me blows me away with its rootsy sounds and down to earth honesty.Thank you and very best wishes for your tour. Michael Original Noise Studios Bridport

Hi Kent baby, Looking forward to seeing you at Esquires in Bedford on Tuesday 3rd may, we've been hoping to get you to Bedford for a good while now, and now you found us, we hope you'll want to come back again, With Leadbessie of course. Nigeyboy :0)

after watching the news about the storms you have been having we thought we would write to wish you and your family well and hope alls well with you all hope to see you in irvine soon

hi kent! looking forward to seeing you play again! this time will be at south molton. should be away camping in my vw bus but that can wait.......

Kent, looking forward to the BBQ @ the Zoo show on April 16th.

A friend gave me Live at Les Loufiats and it was the most amazing thing i have ever heard. Some brilliant feel good songs and I have never experienced any music as moving as I'll be true to you and St James' Infirmary. Truly phenomenal, having just noticed you will be in the UK in May for the acoustic festival, you will be the reason i will do all i can to make sure i am there. You have given me a renewed passion for pure, honest music. Thank you!

Hi Kent! Please come to Finland again!! Saw you at my hometown Tornio ( next to swedish border ) 'bout ten years ago..show was great!

Last time I saw you performing live was about 20 years ago. A dark voice spread through the streets of Lugano (Switzerland). We had a great time listening to your unique sound. Good to see you still perform after al those years. Happy new year! Greeting from Holland (Europe)

Hello Mr & Mrs D Looking forward to seeing Kent in the UK again. Perhaps treat ourselves to a retirement (not long to go) holiday in the 'real' America if that's practical to include a blues festival where Kent will be playing. Bit of a dream at the moment but could be possible. Any suggestions? Also be grateful if you could give me the chords for Cajun Queen:) Regards Reggie

GREAT to meet you again last night at The Castle in Newark, and to catch-up with your news. Very nice, too, to see other members of "The 'Chaine Gang" who travelled to see you on a VERY cold night. As always, some lovely blues sounds from both Kent and 'Bessie - and a good opportunity to sing-along as well. Hope you have a good flight home, and best regards to Sarah and the boys.

Great to see you in Tenby , stunning show and thanks for signing a painting, keep on keepin' on.

Great gig in the Ship at Upavon. Blues Forever indeed! See you next time! M&C

Kent Great to see you in bristol on 2 November. the best set I have ever seen - superb music Keep coming back to the UK when you can and make sure we all know when you are here. I love my Trouble in mind T-shirt! Blues forever Take care D

Enjoyed your set at Montgomery Marina on Friday. Great to meet you and your wife, too.

is there any wayi can get guitar tab for your recordings,love your style

Hi Kent, Mike and I enjoyed your show last night in Montgomery, AL at the Marina Bar and Grill. I love the way you make that tapping sound while you play some of your songs. I love the stories you tell with the songs. We are going to frame the picture of you that your wife painted and put it in our media room. The CD is awesome!! We will be sure to catch your next show here. Keep the music alive, Tam and Mike

Hey Kent, I'm really glad to leave this message. I'm happy that you kept rocking with your Leadbessie. I met you a loooong time ago, it was 1992 or 1993! You were in Lugano (Switzerland) for the Blues To Bop festival, and Norman Hewitt asked you to meet some young boys in a private meeting to speak about you and the Blues. I still have the MC of "Just me and my guitar"! I wish you all the best, and keep your blues alive! Cheers Rodri

Really enjoyed seeing you again last night in Monaghan. Would love to be heading to the Survivors Bash tonight in the Brewery Bar (Mc Kenna's Dublin Street) but alas work rears its ugly head. Have a great gig tonight and make a return visit to Ireland ASAP. Colm.

Hi Kent lovely to see you today (Saturday) and last night at the Harvest festival in Monaghan Ireland, excellent shows, just sorry we had to leave early today. Hope that all the gigs go well for you. Your a really wonderful storyteller as well as great blues musician. I hope to see you back over here in Ireland again soon to hear your music and stories and chat, my wife Pauline also sends her best wishes to you. Real regards Eamonn

Pleased to have met you and your lovely wife at the Shines Festival though dissapointed I missed your set. Really enjoy live roots music so I hope to meet again in the fall. Best of luck.

hi kent guitar tabs for your versions,is that a possibility,totally hooked ,see you next time anyway

Hello. This is my lucky day. I just found out that you are going to visit Ørland Bluesfestival. I am looking forward to sit down on a good chair and listen to your lovely music. I am sure that a lot of fans from Leksvik will hear you to.

I have loved your music for years! You truly have a great voice. It is always a joy hearing you!

Just found the website after checking the Handy Schedule . Good Blues. Hope to see you at the old railroad bridge.

Kent I enjoyed seing you at the Loft on Wednesday (July 21). You prove that a man does not have to be famous to be great! I enjoyued our chat on the Loft Balcony. Keep your music and spirit and visit with us in Columbus often.....Brian Luedtke

hi kent got your rough cut cd at crieff at your concert ,once again great night ,must get a metal guitar ,cheers for the inspiration.

First saw you and bessie at the palladium club in bideford Devon,also at the BeeHive pub.But recently nearer my home at the forresters Stoney Stratford.Best wishes. Julian

Hi I went to see you when you came to the Isle of Man at the Creg-Ny-Baa Pub on the Manx TT road race course about 10 years ago ! I have often wondered about you cos I love the music ! - How great is the web ? This is the first comment I have put on a website, ever! - I just never normally bother - I guess it is the least I can do, the music and site is so good - please keep the music coming! I hope you are well and enjoying life !!!!! - Best regards Steve

Kent you are unstoppable man! How you keep goin' all these years, covering all that ground is a testimony to how much you love what you do. I love it too, hope to see you in the Ham soon....(alabama that is) P.S. Nice fish!

Hi Kent,Thanks for a great show at the Norwich Arts Centre recently,third time for me but my lovely wife came with me this time and she was blown away by you and of course your incomparable Leadbessie,what a girl! Congratulations on your capture of a salmon from the Spey.I have fished there as well but you must come and fish on the beautiful River Dee the next time you come over the pond it is even more lovely than the Spey.Blues forever1 Regards Trevor

GREAT gig at Gainsborough last night - Thanks! It was good to spend some time with you - it's been too long since we last enjoyed some real, live, Delta Blues. Paul recalls spoiling a recording that Sarah was doing a year-or-so-ago, by singing along with all your tunes when she was sitting next to him with her CamCorder. Well - we were BOTH singing just as loud again last night. Blues Forever !! Marg & Paul

Oh, yeah...just remembered, I also used to go see you at the Burly Earl, in Birmingham, AL. Good times. Come back and see us down south. The fishing is good all the time!

Kent, I joined the "Chain Gang" back in the 80's at the War Eagle Supper Club in Auburn, AL. I still have a cassette tape (preserved to CD, thanks for technology) that I bought from you at a show there. I remember some fun conversations with the "Fishin' Musician", as you would fill up and carry water bottles to your van/camper. I searched for you once, several years ago, with no luck. On a lark I looked for you today and was very happy with what I found. It looks like you are alive and thriving, with a beautiful bride and a lot of fans and music for sale. I am happy you have found a place to settle down, though, unfortunately for me, it is over the pond. I will keep an eye on your website and hopefully you will make it back to the states, and down south, so I can see another of your wonderful shows. I now have kids, one a musician. I would love to introduce him to you. He knows your music, but I would love for him to meet the music maker. Take carer and God Bless, Allen Goodwine

Saw Kent in Derby - Great gig. It's amazing what one man can do with one guitar! Got to meet the man himself.

Please come back to the Tyne and Wear region of the UK, One of the best gigs i have ever been to.

Seen you twice now - in Leamington first, and a couple of weeks ago at the Jam House in Birmingham - I shook your hand outside when you were sitting in a car if you recall! Two great shows - seems so effortless but never less than totally authentic and ultra professional. Picked up the "Live in Lyon" CD today. All the best and keep on going - look forward to the next time.

Hey Kent, why not come and play in Milton Keynes whilst you're waiting for a plane?! ...

we just saw you at the Coach and Horses, LIVE! in the heart of The Cotswolds, UK. It was truly brilliant, loved the storys between the songs as much as the music itself! Amazing!

Hi Kent, really great set at the Rose n Crown,Charlbury last night.Good sized audience almost party atmosphere and a guest Mississsippi harp player.Great set of songs in a fabulous real English pub.Thanks a bunch,to hear you,grab a chat with you and for a special Sunday night on the edge of the Cotswolds, pretty good eh? come back soon.

Hi Kent, i`ve seen you play in Cockermouth for the last 2 years and before that in Maryport. Have you any plans to be back in my area? also have you ever thought about playing the Maryport Blues festival [23-25 July], Robert Cray in headlining this year Regards Joe Stewart

Hey Kent, just saying thanks for another great night of blues at the Queens in Bakewell!! A fantastic time had by all and thanks to the good folks at the Queens Arms for promoting live music. Have a good trip and come back soon,,,, Cheers Kev

Just had a very pleasurable time watching the new "Blues Songs and Stories" DVD. It really captures the magic of one of Kent's gigs, and is very well made. BUY IT you won't be disapointed!

hi kent how are you i hope you ok sins paul hart die not see you in sturminsternewton dorset miss you look after you self if you came uk and dorset pls came over for cafe cafe web side adres www.poetscornercafe.co.uk byee

Keep bluesin my man

Dear Kent, I saw you in Alexanders Bar in Chester (England) about 3 years ago now I think and I've been listening to your CD again for the first time in a little while and every time I hear it I love it a little more! I see you'll be playing over here again soon, what's the chances of you coming to the North West (primarily Chester but I'm willing to travel to Liverpool or Manchester to hear your stories)? I can see your obviously a very busy man and rightly so, all the best! Yours Danielle De La Wonk P.S. Hows the house that the Brits built? :)

I saw you and Johnny Shines twice at the Koffee Klatch in Hunstville, AL in 1990. I took some pictures, if I can I'll convert to digital and send to you. I bought a couple tapes from you in the parking lot between sets. My family is from Minnesota, so when I visited, I went to the blues bar you mentioned on the tape.

kent this is tony washington met you long time with gary erwin from chas. s.c. and blues to bop with norman hewitt. hope all is well. tony

Hi kent how are you? cant wait until you come back to Byfield... should be great mum cant wait either, at the moment she is in australia and will be home on my birthday 26th may.. if you want send me a email on jmcilroy_28@hotmail.com hope to hear from you soon a good freind from Byfield UK James Mcilroy and best wishes from the Byfield Village Club

hi kent! saw you play 4 or 5 times at the musician in leicester uk. can't get enough. have now moved south so hoping to see you play down here in devon.

First time I saw Kent play was Handy Fest in Florence, AL. Then thanks to Mike Nix he came to Anderson Jr High and played for our kids, what a treat! I'll always be thankful my kids saw him play at school. Look forward to Handy each year to see Kent. Thanks for the music!

Hello Kent, I have seen you in September 1994 in Essen Cafe Nova, and I will NEVER forget my feelings while listening your Loa Of Love. That impressed me so, I had goose bumps. When I think of that concert, I again get some... Thank you for that great moment of music in my life. :-) Greetings from Germany, yours Anja

Hi Kent, Sarah and Miles , hope you had a great christmas and new year. also an extented happy new year to Kents fans everywhere Just to let Kent's fans know that we have booked him to play Dunfermline Scotland on Sat 5th june 10. As most of the folk (130 +) who came to our night with kent and bessie a few years back will accept that kent and ourselves put on a great night as we wish to do again. this invitation is open to all kents fans everywhere old and new to come along and enjoy a great Blues evening at the Glen Tavern Dunfermline @ 8pm this venue will be ticket only as we expect it to be a sell out Tickets can be booked from myself by telephoning 07990657766 or email Pawbroon59@aol.com there are plenty of hotels and b&bs;close to the venue if required hope to hear from you all soon. Keep the Blues alive !!!! Paul Brown Scotland

Hello Kent it's been awhile since I saw you ,I see you are doing well !! As you should be!! Still great I see and can hear!I have some online friends in Scotland England and Ireland via the Steve Saunders goldwing site, I put in a plug and a link to your site in case they haven't seen you yet. Will try to catch up to you sometime soon! Best wishes to your and yours!

Hi I am sitting here with mom and dad , we are enjoying your web site and music and pictures . love greg

Kenny dude,.......when you commin back to UK for a knees-up. Love your stuff dude,.....keep it commin, and keep of them cheroots now!!!! update that site man,......so we know when to expect ya!! Y`all have a good year,....... 12cm snow in UK at the mo,.....you gone wish you stayed in Alabama. Best to you,.....tel

happy christmas & best wishes for a prosperous new year to you and sarah & family from : brian, rosemary, john & tessie (red arrows trust, uk) see you when you next visit england. please include us on your gig list. watch those catfish !


I'm just now getting around to commenting on your Nov. 13 performance at the Flying Monkey in Huntsville, AL. We've been sitting here tonight reliving that memorable evening by watching some videos I shot of you. I absolutely LOVE to hear and watch you play. You are a unique talent, performing with all of your heart and soul. Your performance that evening was a real treat and the highlight of my year!! We especially enjoyed the opportunity to visit with you before the show and learn about your experiences in building your post and beam house! I'm so glad that you've been blessed with your talent and you share it with us!!!

Enjoyed the Huntsville show!! I have a few new pics I'll get to you ASAP. Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!

Kent, just wanted to thank you for the great preformance on saturday nite at the flying monkey arts center.o Everything was rite the atmosphere the acoustics, we really hope that this will be a regular stop for you. We enjoyed the chat with you before the show, about your house and your awsome door and of coarse sarah and your family. thanks again.

It is an L7 not an L5, but either an anyway; I am a huge fan, and have nothing but love and admiration for your intrepid pursuit of conservation, reinterpretation, and brand new expression, of the foundation of American music. Thank you for what you do.

We saw Kent in Stevenage last week - really good as usual! I read the latest version of the biography when I was checking the itinerary. I bought the CD you mention "Back to the Country", with Johnny Shines and Snooky Prior - the copy I got does mention Kent, but calls him Kent du Shane - oh well!! Mick likes it anyway. I wore my Leadbessie T-shirt - I really like it. The design washes fine - but I think it has shrunk - or maybe I drank too much Guinness. Blues forever.!

Kent, I was excited to see you were playing in north Alalabama, last time I saw you was at Martys in Bham a few years ago. I know you play there on occasion, that midnight start time was killer, I mean the music was awsome but the time like to have killed me. I live an hour north of B'ham real close to I-65. We have the greatest coffee house here called Berkley Bobs Coffee house, cullman,Al . If you have time check it out on the web. Just wandering if maybe you would be intrested in playing there some time!!!!! thanks: john clements PS: Love the web site.

Hi Kent iv`e tried to order the "Norderstedt cd" on the site but its out of stock/will you be restocking it! and are there anymore cds in the pipeline live studio etc(how about a tribute to Johnny shines."its never to late to plow! and for us trying to play your type of blues how about some guitar tab to work on(SAINT INFIRMARY ) PLEASE BEST REGARDS FROM ROOSTERHEAL(Dan)

Man..site looks great! All the best..love you my blues brother!

Kent, Didn't realize I was in the presence of greatness when I met you and Sarah the other days at the track meet. Love your music. We'd like to have you guys and Jonathon over sometime for a grillout. Let me know if you're interested and when you'd have time. Thanks Ted and Linda Pope (TJ Pope's dad)

Hi Sarah,still love looking through the web site, your doing a brilliant job,love to all,Bob

25th Oct; Enjoyed the gig at the George last night as usual, despite Rod & I feeling like a pair of groupies up at the front like that, hoho, only space left though. You responded well to being challenged to the five Robert Johnson tracks, ending up with seven, well done. Good chat too. I said I would drop you my telephone number for the Florida trip in Nov, it's on your listing now. Be good to hear from you if you're down in the area. Until next time, all the best, Rob

Looking forward to seeing you in Huntsville in November. I have several photos of you and Johnny Shines from 1991 at a Birmingham club. I'll bring them with me to the show and try to scan/send them to your site.

Hi Kent, really enjoyed the gig last night at the cinema bar in Stratford-upon-Avon - it was like a history lesson, storytime and blues show all in one! Hope to catch you again sometime soon! Cheers, Kief

Dear Kent, It was a pleasure listening to your music in the Devizes Cellar Bar on Friday night. I really like your style and approach to the guitar, soulful and a great driving sound. I enjoyed your anecdotes and descriptions about the songs; it helped bring them to life. Thanks for signing my copy of your “She’s Irresistible” CD, My apologies for forgetting to pay you immediately, I’ve been listening to it all weekend whilst driving in my car, very inspiring. Look forward seeing you again next time, have a great tour.

Hey Keny I saw you in the Market Bar Inverness on the 9th oct. Great show man we were playing in a bar round the corner and stumbled upon you after our show. I was really struck by your music I have never heard the blues live before and wouldn't have said I was a fan but you definately changed that gonna strat listening to more. I hope I stumble across you again sometime. Bessie is amazing by the way Peace. Ben

Hi Kent Enjoyed immensely last nights gig at Leith Folk Club. Full house with enthusiastic audience produced a great atmosphere. Half time chat about the new house also very interesting. The project would surely have featured on Grand Designs if it had been in this country. Look forward to you returning to Scotland next year. All the best to Miles.

Saw you play in Inverness at the weekend, was a fantastic wee gig!! Hope to see a few dates in Glasgow in the future! :)

I would just like to say a huge bluesy thankyou to everyone who has commented on how much they love the new website through their emails, IMs, comments and to Kent and me personally. It makes the times I have nearly thrown this computer into the lake with frustration worth while!! LOL!! Thanks to all of Kent and Bessies' friends and fans who make Kent feel welcome and make him hot coffee! Also...thanks for supporting live music!! BLUES FOREVER!! Sarah DuChaine x ps...Im going to create a "friends & fans" section on the photos part of the site so if you would like to send pictures of yourself with Kent to bluesobad@aol.com with the subject "fan photo" and look out for it appearing on the site, it would be great!

Well what can a say the master at work!!!!! cracking turnout great music great muscican & Genuis thanks again hope to see you back at Irvine Folk club!!!!!!

looking forward to seeing you in Irvine Tomorrow night !!!!!!!!

Another great night with Kent at the Boardwalk in Sheffield,,, many thanks again Kent, safe travels and come back soon!

hi kent looking forward to seeing YOU this weekend at swanage blues we know we are going to have a great time From your best fans steve ,jane ,rose. paul jeff YEOVIL SOMERSET

Hi Kent Really looking forward to seeing you again in Milton Keynes. Live music in really intimate venues just can't be beat! See you down the road ....

Can't get enough. Been a fan since the Pig Jig in Columbus years ago.

Kent thanks for letting me earn you and your famalies business on the 2009 Corolla.I hope you enjoy driveing the vehicle for many miles.Once again thanks and keep on singing the BLUES !!!!!!!!


Hi Kent; Just a quick note to say that it was great to catch up with you and see you play again after all these years at the Monaghan Harvest Time Blues Festival last weekend. I found those photos from Temple Bar. Must send them to you. All the best, till next time Ciarán

Hey Kent, was great seeing you at the market house and Mc Kennas Bar this weekend! You've opened my eyes to the blues.. Great stuff, keep it up!! Thanks for the cd too, loving it!!

Hey Kent, was great seeing you at the market house and Mc Kennas Bar this weekend! You've opened my eyes to the blues.. Great stuff, keep it up!! Thanks for the cd too, loving it!!

Hi Kent, we have not long arrived home in Bangor, County Down after the Monaghan festival and are still reeling from an intense weekend of music and Jamesons! Thank you for a wonderful performance in the Market House on Sunday afternoon. We are hardened festival-goers and hard to impress, but you touched us deeply and we won't quickly forget that gig on a wet Sunday afternoon, and I'm sure nor will you.....it doesn't get much more intimate than a performer and half a dozen listeners just a few feet away. Next time we'll make sure the camera batteries are charged. Come back soon.

im a big fan of your vision of the blues. theres an extra portion of soul and feel in your playing. any change of getting your recordings in vinyl?

http://www.flickr.com/photos/kg_photography/3562834367/in/photostream/ photos from The George, Inverary

Thanks Kent for a fab night at the Beehive Swindon last night. I brought my newly married daughter and her husband, plus his friend to listen to you for the first time and they absolutely loved your music. Thanks to you they have found the blues and loved your story telling as well. Good luck with whatever plans you have for home next year and thanks again for singing my two favourite songs! Jo x

hi kent Hope i find you well. Looking forward to seeing you at the BBC club in Belfast sept 3rd .

Hi Kent. Great time at the Nag's Head in High Wycombe yesterday evening. Visit www.bestmatesbrewery.co.uk if you fancy getting some of their Satan's Sister beer. Cheers!

His music will for ever be by my side, from the first time I had the plesure to listen at Bamses Pub , Hell Bluesfestival early - 90's. He and Lebessie opend Leksvik Blues and Rootsclub, Norway, -97

Hi Kent, klick heer http://www.mettmann-tv.de/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=37:blueswoche-21032009-kent-duchaine&catid=11:blueswoche-2009&Itemid=29 Es ist der Auftritt in Mettmann!!!! Gruß www.mettmann-tv.de

Kent, it was great to meet you last night at the Platform Tavern in Southampton (UK). I was the young Irish chap you spoke to who just started playing guitar at 34. What a fantastic original delta blues sound you get from Leadbessie. Don't know if anyone ever told you this but you've got a very similar vocal tone to Johnny Cash, especially his bluesy songs - I mean that as a real compliment. I also love your "storytelling" songs. Plus I loved the stories you told in between the songs that led onto the next one. It really gave me a sense of how things were when you were young and touring those smokey venues and touring with those great names like Booker White and Johnny Shines. Just makes me want to go to the America on vacation and visit all these delta blues towns. I love the blues and seeing it played live by legends like yourself makes it even more fantastic and real. Here's an Irish blessing of good luck to you "May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand" Hope to see you in the UK again. Take care. Mark

Hi Kent, came to see you play at Stony Stratford for the first time and thought you were brilliant, a very enjoyable evening. Look forward to seeing you again.

I would like to see you back in Newcastle upon tyne England some time soon.

1991 italy 2009 London

Hello Sarah, hi Kent, I`m Achim from Mettmann and my english is only the rest of what I have learned in school. Sorry for it. I had badly not the chance to listen and see Kent live at the blues week in Mettmann. But I often listen to your Music Kent. Your Sound with Leadbessie is the only one in the world. Sarah, your site is made beauteful. Kent, I hope to see you next year in Mettmann at the blues week. Best wishes and good luck Achim

Hey Kent! Great music. Hope you get this and can send me an email. Been a couple of years since we talked ... Barrel House boogie will haunt you forever.

Love the Blues Man!...never miss him when he is in the UK....Kent plays with so much passion, energy and sense of FUN! (not to mention the great stories) A rare and talented human being. I even managed to take some pics of him on his last tour - www.timbarkey.co.uk - check 'em out. all the very best and see you on your next gigs coming up. Tim & Jo Wimbledon

We finally made it home after a DuChaine Power run of 3000 mile to MN and back. We had a great time up north visiting my folks, walleye fishing and doing a couple of shows. A big thanks to all my friends that came out for the NYM concert and also my friends on the west bank in Minneapolis. We has a great time in Kansas City at BB'S Lawnside BBQ. Our last stop was the WC Handy fest where we had some wonderful shows under the bridge, on the riverboat, the restaurants, bars and also a nursing home tour, wow! I'm getting ready for my 78th overseas tour starting on the 11th August in the U.K. Please come on out and enjoy some live music and check out my new handpainted tshirts of Leadbessie that my talented wife, Sarah, has done "Limited Edition". BLUES FOREVER! Kent

Dear Kent, Please check out a new venue in central London W1 UK, Charlotte Street Blues. You should play there. The web site is www.charlottestblues.com Best wishes! Fran

Hey Kent, You did Boggie Man in my honor for my 21st bday at Egans in TTown 27 years ago! I had been catching you in the bars (Egans and the Chukkar) for three years at that point - Even saw you and Johnny do the Chukkar. I'm in Anchorage AK now, and I sure miss seeing you. Hope you get some fishing in here and there -peace.

Kent, Mike Bolchoz here. Want to say hello.

Hi Kent! We're really looking forward to having you here at the Crown Inn in Oakengates on 15th October. It's just a small pub but it's cosy and we love good music and good beer, so bring C.D.'s and "stuff" with you. You'll have missed the beer festival, by the way! Sorry!! See you in October! John

Hi Kent hope all is well with you and yours, see you in sept IF ANY ONE IS THINKING OF BOOKING KENT THINK NO MORE JUST DO IT CHEERS COLIN

Kent, as always you rocked last Thursday night (7/23). It was a terrific show and is was certainly great to see and talk to you again. Also pleased to see your new family! I think my "sense of humor" caught your gal off-guard, so please tell her I'm sorry 'bout that. Glad also to know you live in Alabama. Hope to see you again soon. PS: I'll ask around here where we play see if we can't get you booked in the middle and east side of the state. Best regards, Bill & Debbie Thomson.

Hello, Kent! I am the person who drew the sketch of Johnny Shines for you, and gave it to you at Marty's Bar in Birmingham a few years ago. I have not been able to attend any of your gigs there, lately, due to circumstances, but hope to see you there this Fall, as I see you are scheduled. I am thrilled to see your photos here, with your wife! You both look so happy. Congratulations!!! You are a blessing and your music often echoes in my home, and across the lake where I now live with my husband, Miles. We actually met at Marty's! We live on Lake Logan Martin, in Pell City/Cropwell area in Alabama. We have 468 feet of lake front on our lot. Come on out....the fish are biting! LOL. God BLess YOU!... Susan Hazzard

we can't stop thinking of those lovely moments we spent my sons, michele and me , listening to your lovely music , in Criketer's Bordeaux, few times , in 1995,1996,1997...,and the lovely day we spent in the countryside near Bordeaux with a big barbecue lamb, also in 1997 in Florence concert (Alabama)Congratulations for your wedding and respect to you , hope we meet again

Hey Kent, It was great seeing you at Ricatonis last night. The live album is great. I have been playing for s long time and getting into slide and delta guitar. I would love to be able to ask you questions from time to time. Good luck and safe travels back to Georgia. Thanks to you for coming back to the Handy Festival.

a big thankyou to Whistle Stop Bed and Breakfast,107 E Nowell St New York Mills, MN 56567 (800)-328-6315. a wonderful place to stay...recomend it to everyone!!Kent DuChaine

Hi, Kent! I am the Director of the Pickwick Belle and we are so excited about having you aboard on July 21! Great website! See on board soon!

hi kent we came to see you at cockermouth on your last visit to the uk we,re the couple that got a signed poster off you at the end of the evening also bought the album shes irrisisable off you. well we are getting married on the 15th august and we've chosen the title track as the song to be played as alison my partner enters the room i'm so looking forward to singing along as she gets to my side. we hope that you and your family are well and hope to see you again in the future.

Hi Sara,I've just been reading all the messages. Very interesting. Kent is very popular. I will have to see a show when I come over. I'm sure the music is even better live and with atmosphere. I look forward to meeting you and your family too one day. Look after them all, and take good care of youself. Love from Marie and Ross in Sydney Australia.XX

I stand corrected. Kent played the CRs w/ Johnny Shines.

I remember when Kent started playing an allnight gig at the Crossroads Bar in Jacksonville, AL. Crazy David Carnes was our host. Great times. I'd love to get a CD of his first tunes w/ Pinetop Perkins

I still play your CD (Take A Little Ride With Me) that you signed for me back in 1995-96(?) at Gene Hoffbrau's in Carleston, SC, and saw you at the Blues bash! You are incredible! When you coming back this way???

WE first saw you at the Birmingham Jam many tears ago.Since then we were regulars at the bar in Birmingham to see you play, We moved to Columbus Oh. and miss hearing you sing . We oun most of your cd's but it's not the same. Do you ever make it up this way?

Hi Kent! Long time since we met, and you whre eating dinner at our house, my wife served SODD. A midpart of Norway spesiallity. often liste to this kind of blues , when I'm truckdriving from Trondheim to Oslo an back

Yup Bob.....here's the Fender!! lol!! lots more to come including Bessie. I can do commissions too everybody!!

Hi Sarah that Gibson is superb,whats next a Fender, Bob x

I along with many others enjoyed the performance in Wick, Caithness, Scotland last night at Mackays Hotel. Seen you three times there now in the past few years. Many thanks for another great performance and for bringing live music to our wee town once again. Cheers from us all in Wick and come back next year if you can. Bill www.caithness.org

Went to Crowland Blue's Club in Lincolnshire last night and had one of the best Blue's nights ever, watching and listening to Kent, please hurry up Kent and come back soon,Live music rocks.

Hi Kent Thanks for a great perfomance at crowland blues club last night.All the best for the rest of your tour.

Kent sounds fantastic on here,well done sarah

Good to see Kent still alive and Pickin'. I found him playing in Captain Tony's Saloon In Key West a while back. I was a red bearded Shrimper just in port for a night or two. I'll take a wild guess and say it may have been 1986. We talked about many things including, I think, a fingerpicking contest judged in part by my hero, Leo Kottke. I bought one of Kents home made cassette tapes which I still have somewhere. Listening to his music while writing this is causing some major flashbacks (the good kind). I don't expect Kent remembers me but I'll never forget that night at the bar talking and listening to the blues. (Thanks for being there Kent. If not for your presence I might have wandered off and gotten into trouble or something.) I was just telling a friend about Kent as we discussed local musicians. (I'm in Pascagoula) I had the notion he lived in Grand Bay or Bayou LaBatre AL. I think the address is on my tape. That conversation led me to the internet and here. What a Woild! Anywho, keep up the good work and thanks for the music. Capt. Pete

Hi Kent looking forward to seeing you at Cockamouth in cumbria on the 21st best wishes for the tour Dave & Ali x

looking forward to seeing you at the queens next staurday, i am sure it will be a great night, i know that gary and linda(landlords) are really excited about it, see you saturday

Thanks so much Paul!!

Great to see you again kent at the thunderdome in glengormley 'the best gig by far for me' also seen you at derry on sat at Sandinos and belfast's Oxford Exchange on friday. Already looking forward to seeing you again at the Thunderdome on the 27th. Take care on your tour. ps just to give Sarah a mention site looking good, also very impressed with your artwork. paul dunfermline scotland

Hi Kent and Sarah Thanks for the gig in the Thunderdome ,YOU ROCKED THE HOUSE KENT,see you on the 27th may@ the thunderdome

Hi Folks! Just to let you know that there is another show at the thunderdome on may 27th! Thankyou! The show on Thurs 14th May at The Cinnamon Club has been cancelled, we are very sorry.(sorry to my mom too) its a cool place~try it out!Hope the website is working for you all?? let me know! I think the dates are loads better...do you? I'm tryng...lol!! BLUES AND KENT DUCHAINE 4EVER!! Sarah DuChaine

Just seen that you are in Bristol, UK on the 26/05/09. Can't wait to see you and leadbessie again.

Kent, It was a pleasure hearing you play at the Mill in Banbury, UK. As I mentioned I grew up in that area and am now a US citizen living in the Chicago area. I like your rugged style.

hi mate, saw a few months back at the Ranelagh in Brighton, a great show. I was going thru some hard times and you helped me through it all. I was i a pretty lonely place. the blues helped me through. thanks a million. it meant so much. thanks dude.

Hi Sarah Kent's web page is getting better all the time, gtreat stuff. Bob x

Hi Kent, I'll be heading home to North-East England for 3 weeks in May, do you have any gigs while I'm there? Cheers, Ian

Always love to see and hear you in Florence, Alabama at the WC Handy Festival.

We all say Hello Kent! Congrats on the new bride. The old folks around here are thinking about Marty's on the 4th. Like to see ya and say Hey!

Hi Kent thank's for a great evening,at Heacham hope the rest of the tour goes well, take care Kate & Bob

Hi only 2 days to go before we see Kent play,can't wait,

Yo! Looking forward to catching up with you when you get here to the UK. Drop in on me in Reading whenever! Beste ever Scott

Hi guy's. When will Kent be playing @ Martys in B'ham agian? Would love to catch another awesome midnight show.Keep on rockn it man! --Jenn

Hi Sarah and Kent,hope you and the boys are well Sarah, can't wait to see Kent again, last time at Oakham he was brilliant,Bob & Katexxx

Hi Kent , I saw you play in buckingham UK , we spoke after the gig about honey boy Edwards,( I had the black and white circled hoody) I've just written to say thanks for a great evening. I'm trying to find " I'll be true to you " on your website, please get it on here as a download, it's truely an amazing. Thanks again Kevin

Hi Kent, I remember seeing you in Auburn AL @ the Supper Club in the early 90's. It was great hearing you playing the Blues. Any chance that you'll tour South Florida. Ron

Congratulations on the 75th Tour Kent! Really looking forward to catching you anywhere in the South West UK this year. I hear you're at Square & Compass, Ilminster May 12. Regards to Good Ole Leadbessie too!!

Kent, If you are ever driving through Iowa give me a heads up. The fish are always biting! Joel

Hi Kent! How are you?. I'm from the extreme North-east corner of Italy, and I was seen you play many years ago in a Folk club in Buttrio, near my town. I want to ask you if you will come in Italy, when and where! Goodbye, God bless you and forever blues!

Hi, Sarah & the Boys! We're just gearing-up to travel to Oakham for Kent's gig at The Merry Monk tonight, and promise to say "Hello" for you. No doubt Marg will give him a (big) hug for you as well! We saw Graham Coley's earlier message about the new Blues Club at Crowland - we went to our first gig there there other weekend, and LOVED it. Kent will like it too - friendly atmosphere and lots of contact with the audience. We've got our (front) seats booked already! Best regards Paul & Marg

Hi Kent any dates planned for you to play on Ireland? cheers Scrapper

Hi Kent, just a quickun to say it was great to see you and LeadBessie keepin' the Blues alive again at the Customs House. Blues for ever. See you again soon Andyboy

Hi Kent, great show tonight, especially liked the Bukka White stuff. Nice to meet you, best wishes for the rest of the tour!

Hello from an old pal, Kent. Hope Bessie and Corrina (Which I proudly helped name) are still strumming strong. "for a friend of a friend" - Peace, Gilly

Hi Kent! Very much looking forward to you playing our new venue @ Crowland blues club in may


I enjoyed awonderful evening of Blues in Nowich,with Kents performance and knowledge of the Blues.Thanks for introducing me to Johnny Shines.All the best to Kent+Family.Fantastic new website.

For Mike Sage below,went to see kent last at the musician in Leicester, bought the Live At Les Loufiats album which is great, some good cheering and a little banter on there but the sound quality is great during the tracks, i'd recommend this as i liten to it nearly every morning on the way to work, Blues forever!6!6!6! x

Great to hear you are back in the UK. I'm gonna catch you at Liverpool Marina. Take Care and thanks for all the music. Love to Leadbessie. Denis

hi kent hope all is well with you looking forward to your gis may bank holiday weekend in northern ireland will you please post this as i see eamonn keenan was wanting to know if you where playing belfast. fri 1st may thunderdome glengormley ,sat 2nd somewhere in belfast at least 8 of us coming from scotland for this one cheers m8 see you soon paul and the dunfi crew

Hi Kent, Thanks for a great show in Norwich on the 15th, blues playing at it,s best.Next time around we must talk salmon fishing!!Best wishes to you and your family.Trevor,Lowestoft,Suffolk UK.

To Mrs DuChaine, son and stepson. Enjoyed Kent's performance at Norwich Arts Centre this evening (15/1). The man can play and comes across as having a real feel for the blues. For someone with family links to South Carolina and Alabama, his music was a pleasure to hear and witness his stage presence. Regret didn't buy an album on the night. Is there one that you would particularly recommend, that demonstrates the range of his work? Thanks from me to him. Best wishes to you all. Mike Sage, Southwold, Suffolk. UK

Warm memories of the days you played the Blues Room in Bulls Cross Painswick Gloucestershire England. I was the Aussie MC and probably your biggest fan. Looking forward to seeing you again in person some day soon down here in the South West of the UK. Greg Oxenham

kent great new site.....hope you come back to belguim or to holland soon....talk to you agent...please lol best wishes al

Hi,fab new web site,also seen you on myspace.Goos to catch up with you. Have a good christmas & new year. Take.x sue,sarah & Hayley from devon

Hi Kent any dates planned for you to play on Ireland? Merry Christmas Eamonn, Belfast

Just been listning to your music, because you are going to play at by pub at the Codstock blues festival in Lofoten Norway. Just love that cajun queen song!! Looking forward to meet you.Maybe we will catch some fish!

hope to see you at marty`s merry christmas!

Hello Kent and Sarah, Love the new website-missing you. All My love to you all.

Hi Kent, Wow super new site. Had a reply from Dave, still waiting for Tim. Be in touch soon.

Hi Kent, Sarah and Family, Like the new Website! Hope you're all well and setting-up for a GREAT Christmas. Hope to see you again early in the New Year - perhaps at Oakham. Regards Paul & Maggie

We could use a Blues injection up here in Otter Tail County and you're just what the doctor ordered. Sure hope we can have ya swing thru here in the near future. Later man...Sam

Great New Web Site Kent! Only thing it needs is a lot more tour dates in the southeast - even better would be in GA! Hope all is well.

Glad the website is back up and running. See you soon. Paul

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