Kent DuChaine has listened to, hung out with, opened up for, traveled

and played with most of the great Blues men and women his whole adult

life. The list is too long to name them all, but some of the major ones

are:  Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, John Lee Hooker, Big Mama

Thornton, Koko Taylor, BB, Albert and Freddie King, Willie Dixon,

Bukka White, Johnny Shines, Robert JR Lockwood, Mississippi

Fred McDowell, Furry Lewis and Son House. These were the big

Country and Urban Blues influences who Kent heard and/or played with.

Kent's early days with the Blues involved him both living and learning the

Blues life.

He has played in most of the major Blues festivals in the U.S.A. and

Europe and was part of a Grammy nominated album recorded at the

prestigious Smithsonian Institute Festival of Folk Life in Washington D.C.

The theme of the festival was "The Roots of Rhythm & Blues, The Robert

Johnson Era" and was recorded and released by Sony Music. It featured

Robert Johnson's old buddies, Johnny Shines, Robert JR Lockwood,

Honeyboy Edwards, and Henry Townsend.

Kent attended two of the early "Ann Arbor Blues Festivals" in the 70's.

It united together virtually every important Blues man and woman in the

world who performed for the three days and nights in August.

His dedication and talent for the blues earned him the honor of opening

two shows for Bukka White, spending time with Mississippi Fred

McDowell and befriending his hometown Bluesmen, Lazy Bill Lucas and

Mojo Buford in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has even hung out with

Muddy Waters who he later paid his last respects to at Muddys' funeral

in Chicago. You will have to wait till you see him on stage to hear if he

took up Muddy's offer of some reefer and  Champagne!

The Blues were happening all around Kent at this time and he ended up

playing alongside Kim Wilson in a band called "Aces, Straights &

Shuffles". Willie Dixon heard the band and complimented Kent on his

slide playing sounding like a young Muddy Waters. Willie arranged a

recording contract for the boys to help them launch their career by

putting them on stage with Howlin' Wolf, John Lee Hooker, Albert

Collins and Margie Evans.

Kent spent time in Austin, Texas in the mid 70's, soaking up the blues

at "Antone's", who where beginning to bring in alot of the old Blues

men. He met Stevie Ray Vaughn and learned that there where others

who shared the same passion and respect for the real Blues.

Around this time the most incredible thing happened: after searching for

ten years, Kent found his beloved 1934 National Steel guitar, Leadbessie.

After some time, Kent could see that the solo Blues life was where he

wanted to go. Traveling the roads alone allowed him the opportunities he

was seeking. Following the Blues trails unhindered gave him the freedom

to play where and when he wanted, for what ever he could get, even if it

was just a meal and a drink.  The solo life built his following, reputation

and talent for the real Blues.

By the late 80's he was doing 300+ shows a year all over N. America. He

was blessed by the Blues in 1988 by coming across the great Johnny

Shines who was living in Alabama. Kent had been based there already

for seven years so he knew his way around. The two of them together

where a sight to see...." The Young and the Old". Kent and Johnny

traveled for three years and did over 200 shows together. He also

recorded a W.C. Handy award winning album with Johnny and Snooky

Pryor. The Blues rained down April 21st 1992, just four days before the

two of them where to celebrate their birthdays together, Johnny passsed

away. Kent understanding that this is life, carried on alone.

He has spent most of the last 24 years traveling back and forth to Europe

and has done 100  plus European tours of 4-7 weeks each. He has

logged millions of miles and many 1000's of shows.

You can have the opportunity to see what Kent DuChaine can do and

hear what he knows by booking him for yourself!

Poem about Kent by his ex-wife #4


This is a poem about a man, Kent DuChaine,

‘tis told that he lives way down on Arrowhead Lane,

When a young man, a cassette he did play

And the blues life immersed him and in him did stay.

DuChaine opened a show for the great Bukka White’

Kent can tell you himself of his stature and might.

One of Kent’s’ joys, you will have to agree

Is his guitar, Leadbessie, a pure treat to see.

She’s a beaten up old darlin’, a National Steel

And together they’ve earned many, many a great meal.

Kent learned that in life, one has to be humble,

He works and plays hard and never does grumble.

Kent met with a legend, old Johnny Shines,

A bit crumbled and broken as if he’d worked down the mines.

With Snooky they where awarded by W.C. Handy,

This award is now in a house, lived in by Candy.

Kent and Johnny traveled and played over 200 shows,

His death hit Kent hard, it’s still one of his woes.

He carries on livin’ the life of the blues,

Travelin’ hard on those roads and spreadin’ the news

Of blues men and women from days gone and past,

Singing their songs so their memories last.

Kent DuChaine now has, a boy,  and now 4 ex-wives

Something he thought he'd never have in his life.

There is so much to tell you, too much to write down,

I could write this forever, boy, I could really go to town!

Who’s he’s shared the stage with makes blues fans go “WOW”

But I don’t wish to take much of your time right now,

“ONE OF THE BEST!” the London Times did declare,

Do you have of copy? Coz I can’t find it nowhere.

If you were to book Kent DuChaine up on your great stage,

I would like to inform you he doesn’t demand a great wage,

Your audience will love him, I promise you that,

Coz he sure is amazing’, one hell of a cat!

You have our email, address and website,

Call us sometime, but please, not in the dead of the night.

We look forward to hearing from you very soon,

And Kent can come by and show that the blues is not all doom.

The way he entwines stories with songs…gosh, it’s so clever!

But remember, his main objective, keeping’ it alive…BLUES FOREVER!


Hello, My name is Kent DuChaine and I play The Blues! The First thing I want

to tell you is how much I hate Name Dropping and Self Promotion, but

unfortunately I have no Agent to do it for me so here goes.

I spent 3 years on the road with the Legendary Johnny Shines, as you know,

the traveling companion of Robert Johnson. We did over 200 shows together.

We recorded and were part of the Grammy Nominated Album The Roots of

Robert Johnson at the Smithsonian Festival 1991. We also recorded a WC

Handy winner , Back to the Country , with Snooky Pryor. I also went to Muddy

Waters' Funeral in 1983. Invited on Stage with Howlin Wolf , shortly before

he Passed away, when I was playing with Kim Wilson back in the early 70's. I

did a couple of Shows with Bukka White in the Early 70's when I lived in

Minnesota. I have had a National Steel Guitar for 40 years and have done  9

or 10 thousand shows and traveled two and a half or three Million Miles and

100 plus........ 40 to 50 night Tours overseas.  When Johnny Died I buried Him

and started Touring overseas 24 years ago, so I have been out of touch with

what is happening in the US. And don't have an Agent or Manager to give

these Shameless Plugs for me.    Sorry!    If Brett is still the Editor of Living

Blues Mag, He can be a reference for me, or Dick Waterman out of Oxford,

Steve Lavere out of Greenwood, .           Here is my website      

kentduchaine.net ,     facebook Kent DuChaine,      of course YouTube,   email

     bluesobad@aol.com      and sometime phone # 706 992 4997.

I appreciate your time and hope you will consider me for a show or two in the future. I always Tour Overseas late Jan thru mid March and again Mid May thru June and again mid to late Autumn every Year , so any Possibilities for the in between times would be Great. Please send me a contact number or info on how to hook up with you in the future and let's keep these Blues Alive!


Sincerely ,

Kent DuChaine

and Leadbessie,

Blues Forever