Thurs.9th... Brixham Blues @ The Maritime Inn, 79, King Street, Brixham, South Devon, TQ5 9AH Tel. 01803 853 535

Friday 10th Mar....The Crown & Sceptre, Stroud, Gloucestershire. Tel. 01453 762 588

Saturday 11th “ The New Inn, Buckingham. 07734 728 521

Sunday 12th “ Blues @ The Red, The Red Lion, Stevenage Hertfordshire. Tel. 01438 351 034

Contact John Morgan tel. 01764 679 465 or email carrickmusic69@gmail.com

PS Now booking MAY.. JUNE and AUTUMN TOURS....Get your Nights in Now thru John…

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Good morning!! 

Good morning everyone!

It's 10.20 am here in South Georgia and it is a beautiful sunny morning! 68 F outside so it's a little colder than when Kent left to go on tour (it was in the 90s!!) I am waiting for Kent to come on line on Skype so we can have our morning coffee together.

I would like to apologize (again) about the lack of latest new....

Kent is driving up to Scotland at the moment and I do hope he manages to get some fishing in! I just wish he could bring a nice big salmon home.

Miles is with…

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Hey Fans and Friends!

Wow...it's been a long time since we put anything on here....sorry for that.... and we will be posting the latest news on here more often!

It's been great to have Kent home for such a length of time...he has had many shows over here in the States which have included "The Loft" up in Columbus, GA who are starting a Wednesday blues night special which is very exiting!

Kent had a show at Santa Rosa beach at a wonderful restaurant called "Louis Louis". It is very well worth a night out…

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New News 

Hey Blues Fans!

Kent is slippin' and sliddin' around the icy snowy roads of the UK again and enjoying playing for everyone! Thanks to all who make him feel so welcome! He has been very busy with the house when he's been home and it is looking amazing! We have white walls and light switches with dimmers...its beginning to look very elegant!

I hope you are enjoying the website and all the little changes that keep happening. Thank you for all your feed back...any ideas or comments are gratefully received.


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Kent's salmon 

I checked my e mails yesterday afternoon and to my delight discovered an email from my wonderful hubby! I clicked on it and there was this great picture of him with a HUGE salmon he had caught!

I love it when he catches a fish and think it's so fab that he sends me a picture! Hope your are all smiling and managing to get out and catch a show or two. blues forever..Sarah DuChaine

Our big catch! 

Kent and I had a wonderful day out on the lake before he went on tour. We found a great spot to hang out and discovered some HUGE fish where lurking about! We caught so many but these two 20" large mouth bass came home with us. Hope you can catch Kent and Leadbessie on their latest tour and loose yourself in the blues! Blues Forever! Sarah DuChaine x PS I will be working on the website over the next few days and putting some more pics on so keep looking!!

Fun Things! 

Hey Blues Fans!

Justa quick note to let you know that I have been busy on the computer again! I have put together lots of fun Kent & Bessie products using a site called Zazzle. You can pick up a new cap or even a mug! I have put a picture of one of the shirts we have done of Bessies' pan! Enjoy!

Sarah xx

here is the link http://www.zazzle.com/national_steel_guitar_pan_tshirt-235240099378886478

Friends and fans photos 

Hey Blues fans! Im going to create a "friends and fans" section on the photo part of the site. If you would like your picture with Kent on here...email them to bluesobad@aol.com with the subject fan photo it would be great! If you could put your name and which venue it was taken at too that would be cool!! Blues forever! Sarah Duchaine x

New things!! 

Hey Blues fans!!

Just to let you know that I have been busy on here! Check out the "music player". There are different sections from Kents' own music to "Lookin Back At The Blues" you just have to click to have a little listen!! (Lots of CDs in stock if you fall in love with a song that you haven't got~LOL!!)There are also lots more pictures from the DuChaine album. Family, Kent on stage, home and, don't worry, I haven't forgotten the fishing section!!Lots more to come...hope you like it!I also need some…

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Hey DuChaine Fans!!

I hope life is treating you well. After a strenous 5 1/2 week tour covering 6 countries and 30 + dates and 15000 miles, Kent and Bessie are finally back home with their family in South Georgia. The weather and fishing are great this time of year, Miles pulled in a 19" large mouth bass and enjoyed eating him for dinner. His daddy caught the big 21" lunker bass and with some coaxing to his son he released him with a story attatched. We had a wondeful time at the Alex City Jazz Fest. Kent…

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