Hey DuChaine Fans!!

I hope life is treating you well. After a strenous 5 1/2 week tour covering 6 countries and 30 + dates and 15000 miles, Kent and Bessie are finally back home with their family in South Georgia. The weather and fishing are great this time of year, Miles pulled in a 19" large mouth bass and enjoyed eating him for dinner. His daddy caught the big 21" lunker bass and with some coaxing to his son he released him with a story attatched. We had a wondeful time at the Alex City Jazz Fest. Kent did his usual maniac run to Marty's and back. He had a great surprise when Rob from the Uk showed up to party with him at Marty's. Kent is working hard on our house and with a little help from Jonathan and me we finally installed the big front door. Kent sure would like it if you all would go out and support some live blues acts.

Blues Forever

Sarah DuChaine

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