Good morning!!

Good morning everyone!

It's 10.20 am here in South Georgia and it is a beautiful sunny morning! 68 F outside so it's a little colder than when Kent left to go on tour (it was in the 90s!!) I am waiting for Kent to come on line on Skype so we can have our morning coffee together.

I would like to apologize (again) about the lack of latest new....

Kent is driving up to Scotland at the moment and I do hope he manages to get some fishing in! I just wish he could bring a nice big salmon home.

Miles is with his mom right now and is growing like a weed, Jonathan is at college (where does the time go?)

After a year of working i am now trying to start out a new business making jewelry so I'm twisting and hammering copper and silver. Come will all be on Kent website soon!

The house the Brits built is doing great....we have done  a lot of work since I moved here. I will post some photos today on the website.

Kent has a couple of BEAUTIFUL guitars over there with him that need a good home. Depending on how the pound is feeling the price changes slightly but today it is strong so the price is slightly lower....get in contact with him if you are interested. (

Anyhows....i guess that's the latest news for now!! See ya'll (southern for 'you all'....just like in the movies!!) soon!


ps....Blues Forever!!

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