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Hey Blues Fans!

Kent is slippin' and sliddin' around the icy snowy roads of the UK again and enjoying playing for everyone! Thanks to all who make him feel so welcome! He has been very busy with the house when he's been home and it is looking amazing! We have white walls and light switches with dimmers...its beginning to look very elegant!

I hope you are enjoying the website and all the little changes that keep happening. Thank you for all your feed back...any ideas or comments are gratefully received.

I have now run all of Kent's music though a program and have all songs and albums in MP3 format. there is now two new tabs at the top called "albums via email" and "MP3 to buy". I am able to send single songs to you via email for you to download. I have am able to send whole albums via a large file sending program which seems to work very well. Sure cuts down on shipping cost for folks overseas!

Look out for new photos and keep the ones of you and Kent coming for the "friends and fans" may just appear on the site!

Have fun and keep up with the blues!


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